The FIFA 2030 World Cup will be hosted by not one, but three countries! Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile have joined hands to create a historic footballing spectacle.

Uruguay, the inaugural World Cup champions in 1930, will be hosting the tournament once again after a remarkable 100 years.

Each host country plans to showcase its unique culture, from tango in Argentina to samba in Chile.

Discover how the organizers are making FIFA 2030 the most eco-friendly World Cup ever, with sustainable practices and green stadiums.

Uncover the innovative tech advancements, like holographic referees and 360-degree replays.

For the first time ever, the FIFA Women's World Cup will be held concurrently with the men's tournament, promoting gender equality in sports.

Get a sneak peek at the unique and stylish jerseys designed exclusively for FIFA 2030.

Meet the lesser-known teams that have qualified and could potentially upset the football giants.

2030 FIFA World Cup